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        Brooke Rayn x Love Fresh Paint

        Brooke Rayn x Love Fresh Paint

        A perfect mani needs perfect diamonds!
        Crystal, a DIY nail blogger, recently reached 40k followers on instagram and celebrated by giving away a fashion diamond ring from Brooke Rayn to one lucky follower. One of her most popular and loved manicures are her skittle palates which can be done yourself in any color tone. Using all Essie polishes for her neutral skittle, Crystal used Truth or Bare, Clothing Optional, Wild Nude, Topless and Barefoot, Mind-Full Meditaion.
        The result was absolutely stunning!
        She finished her look with two of Brooke Rayn’s best selling rings, both in rose gold, the Chain Link Band Ring and Diamond X Ring. Brooke Rayn’s Chain Link Ring has been enjoyed by and seen on style and fashion icons and continues to be our of our most popular pieces. With a total of .20ct diamonds, this chain linked band ring has diamonds set on the front half of the ring. It pairs absolutely beautiful with our Diamond X Ring (tall), which is suggested to be worn on the middle or pointer finger. Dressed up or down, this modern crossover ring will complete your chic and fierce look. Set in 14k solid rose gold, this ring features .22ct diamonds.

        Chain Link Band Ring
        Diamond X Ring

        Crystal also created a fall inspired skittle manicure to compliment her Brooke Rayn rings. She used Essie’s Bright Cider, Bed Rock and Roll and Berry Naughty. Definitely a look that you can try yourself at home!
        Be sure to follow the nail queen on instagram @lovefreshpaint for tips, ideas, inspo and all things DIY manicure related!

        Neutral Skittle
        Fall Skittle


        Rose Gold Lover

        Rose Gold Lover

        Warm tones, soft pinks and spring vibes… utterly feminine. Although rose gold jewelry has been around for so long, in recent months layering, stacking and mixing rose golds has been a favorite. Many of our clients choose rose gold to bring out the softness and delicate side of a women. Accented by white diamonds, our rose gold jewelry collection is dainty, chic and feminine. Add some warmth to your day by adding rose gold to your stack..don’t be afraid to mix and match!

        Diamond Block Letter Love Necklace
        ‘Tie the Knot’ Diamond Ring


        October Opals

        October Opals

        Opal, with its unique blend of colors, the green and blue birthstone of October has been associated with love for generations.
        Just like our Earth.
        A beautiful blend of colors united in love.

        Whether you are an October birthstone or just an opal lover, these 14k solid gold and 1.30ct green and blue Opal Diamond Oval Stud Earrings will be an amazing addition to your Brooke Rayn jewelry collection. Set in 14k gold with a row of genuine white diamonds surrounding the center stone, the unique blend of green and blue is an eye catching gemstone. Match your opal studs with our coordinating diamond opal rings and necklaces. Our Diamond Oval Opal Ring is easy to incorporate into your existing stack and also looks beautiful on its own. To complete your opal set, shop our Diamond Free Shape Opal Necklace or our Diamond Opal Oval Necklace. Both have endless layering options are are sure to keep your collection eye catching and unique. Shop our opal collection online at www.brookerayn.com.

        Diamond Opal Oval Necklace
        Opal Diamond Oval Stud Earrings
        Diamond Oval Opal Ring

        Blue Sapphire Beauty

        Blue Sapphire Beauty

        Sapphire, the second strongest stone in nature, is the birthstone for the month of September. Sapphire represents a women of strength and determination whose external beauty is a reflection of her core. It is little wonder that sapphire has been the choice gift for many great women in our generation, such as Princess Diana, whose lives exemplify the quality of this magnificent stone.

        Brooke Rayn’s best selling Evil Eye Protection collection is especially popular when paired with blue sapphire. Our Blue Sapphire and Diamond Evil Eye Ring has been worn and enjoyed by celebrities and icons. Set in 14k solid gold, this exquisite ring features .22ct white diamonds surrounding the deep blue sapphire stone. Pair your ring with the coordinating necklaces that also feature a mix of diamonds and blue sapphire set in solid gold. Our Evil Eye Starburst Blue Sapphire necklace is the perfect combination of our starburst collection and evil eye collection. Featuring a .09ct blue sapphire center stone, the starburst is encrusted in beautiful white diamonds and fixed to a dainty chain. For those lariat lovers out there, we have another option for you! Shop our Evil Eye and Hamsa Blue Sapphire and Diamond Lariat Necklace.


        Blue Sapphire and Diamond Evil Eye Ring
        Evil Eye Starburst Blue Sapphire
        Evil Eye and Hamsa Blue Sapphire and Diamond Lariat Necklace


        Healthcare Heroes

        Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Masks

        Although we are all in the continuous battle of COVID19, we took a moment and stepped back to gain a little perspective.
        What did we see?
        The beauty and strength of humanity.

        Pushing through these uncertain times, we gained strength watching our healthcare and essential workers work fiercely and tirelessly to keep our loved ones safe and cared for.
        We are eternally grateful.

        It was our turn to give back and show our gratitude. In appreciation, we gave a 14k Rose Gold Diamond Heartbeat Necklace to a health care hero who was nominated by a loved one. It was as simple as nominating a doctor, nurse, healthcare provider, first responder, caregiver or essential worker on Instagram and explaining why they were chosen. This was just a small way to show our gratitude, as it is because of their efforts we can trust that our families, friends and neighbors will stay safe during this unprecedented crisis.

        14k Rose Gold .08ct Diamond Heartbeat EKG Necklace

        An excerpt from an entry on Instagram @brookerayn:

        “I nominate ___ who works in Brooklyn, NY the epicentre of this pandemic. She has been working tirelessly since the start of this pandemic with almost 80 hour weeks dealing with covid patients in the ICU. As tiring as it has become for her to wear excessive gear and attend to patients, she does it without a flinch and no hazard pay. She has also given up her holiday which was in May to treat covid patients and risks her life to save many each day. She also covers for her colleagues on her days off and gets minimal rest but does not give up. She is a real hero and a warrior healthcare worker on the frontlines, saving as many lives as possible and keeps a positive outlook each day. She works night shifts mostly and has 15-16 hour shifts each day. I believe an acceptance of her nomination will definitely make her happy for all the hard work she is doing each day!”

        Congratulations to our winner Alison Catena, a NICU nurse who was nominated by her friend Alexandra.

        “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” - Coretta Scott King

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