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        Star of David

        This past year, our Star of David collection has been one of our most popular and trending styles. Featuring genuine white diamonds set in 14k gold, this magen david collection has been stacked, layered and styled in so many different ways. Our 14k dainty diamond star of david magen david necklace was originally seen on Emmy nominated Dr. Sheila Nazarian. With its adjustable setting, Sheila added other necklaces to her stack to create her own look. Sheila wore this Magen David necklace proudly daily and eventually added the coordinating Star of David pinky ring to her look. Featuring .29 carats white diamonds, this ring can be worn as a pinky ring or on your ring finger. Stacked or on its own, this ring is sparkly, bold and timeless. Completing her collection, Sheila eventually added the Star of David stud earrings in yellow gold.

        Star of David Diamond Ring

        Choosing a dainty layered look, actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, wears her Star of David necklace in rose gold daily. Ever so grateful to her fans and community, Emmanuelle shared her New Years resolution of Tikkun Olam (repair of the world) and encouraged her followers to do the same. So much love was shared. She gifted follower, Priscilla Perez, whose wish is to bring awareness to childhood cancer. Emmanuelle eventually added thin stacking rose gold rings to complete her dainty and delicate diamond look.

        Star of David Necklace

        After much requests from our clients, we expanded our Magen David collection and added the Star of David 14k solid gold and genuine diamond stud earrings. Representing beauty and strength, author Noa Tishby wore her Star of David stud earrings in yellow gold for Hanukkah.  

        Star of David Stud Earring

        Whether you are wearing the Star of David as a spiritual symbol, Jewish star, religious symbol, protection, evil eye or mazel, you have the space to make it your own. Stacked, layered or worn as a stand alone, this timeless design with its 6 points in each direction reminds us of the presence of a Higher Power and the feeling of protection.

        Enjoy Proudly.

        I just received my gorgeous paperclip Star of David necklace. Lisa with Brooke Rayn was able to make some adjustments to one of their stock necklaces, and it turned out exactly as I had hoped - beautiful, sparkly, and timeless!  Above and beyond customer service.  Thank you, Lisa!  -Jennifer

        The most beautiful necklace and Star of David, it’s so delicate, it’s very high quality and it has just the right amount of bling, yet not too much. Such beautiful hand work!!! Can’t wait to order more from this brand, the whole experience was 5 star. Necklace came in a beautiful black box with a handwritten note by the designer. Highly recommend this brand. -Daniella

        Easy to deal with, set real expectations and ring came out amazing. -David


        We celebrate Mother’s Day everyday!

        Classic or paperclip design, our dainty MAMA necklace has always been a favorite gifting item. Whether you choose to gift it for Mothers’s Day or just to show your love, this genuine diamond necklace represent the unique nature of a mothers love. As seen on Jenna Dewan in the classic diamond block letter, this solid gold 14k layers easily. Lauren Scruggs Kennedy also chose the classic on yellow gold in honor of her new baby boy, Ryvie.

        “So thankful this little man made me a MAMA” -Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

        Diamond Block Letter MAMA Necklace

        Selma Blair chose the paperclip version, adding an extra pop of gold to her look. Set in the same diamond block letter MAMA setting, the paperclip necklace features a chain fixed to the pendant with an adjustable closure.
        "This delicate gold necklace makes me feel more rooted in my own mission for what is right. I am a Mama. I never imagined it really. And I really am a good mama and I am proud” -Selma Blair

        Diamond Block Letter MAMA Paperclip Chain Necklace

        A love story 25 years in the making

        A story about never giving up.
        A story about never settling. 
        A story about believing your fairytale exists. 

        "We both came to the US from Romania when we were kids. Sorin was 10 and I, Laura, 7 back in 1985. We both grew up in Sunnyside, Queens on the same block. We went to same Jr. HS, but because he's older than me we never met.Fast forward 1993 - Our parents were both part of the Romanian community and became best friends, but we didn't personally meet till 1994. Our parents set us up and we went on a few dates but we were too young and at different points in our life. I was 17 & Sorin was 24.

        We lost touch, but our parents remained best friends. We each got married and had kids. He has 2 children & I have a little girl.We both struggled in our relationships. Both of us had seen our parents love story and had dreamed of a love like theirs. My parents have been married for 46 years and his 50. We each wanted what our parents had.Throughout the years I had always wondered about Sorin and in 2015 he came up again in a conversation with my mom. I sent him a FB message just saying “Hi,hope you are well” ...I never heard back.
        March 2017 I got divorced.
        June 2017 I get a message on FB messenger from Sorin asking me if this was ‘Romanian Laura’...my response was "How many Romanian Lauras do you know??" He proceeded to tell me he just saw my message that I sent him.. I was like 2 years later?? He's not a social media guy :)We proceed to talk and he tells me that in April 2017 he got divorced  and is now single. We talked on the phone for a month and on July 18th, 2017 he came over for the first time.
        That was the day my life actually started
        And also the day we eventually chose as our wedding day.
        The moment he walked through that door I felt like I was going back home. We both knew that it was meant to be and we have been living in love since that day.
        It started 25 years ago....and here we are today. 
        We both feel truly blessed to have each other. We are truly each other's half. We just know that there was some divine energy & intervention that brought us back together once we were both ready to receive what we both deserved.
        We finally got our love story.. better than any Hollywood version.

        Emerald Lover

        Emerald Lover

        Known to emit a heart based loving energy, the green emerald stone has been called the “stone of successful love” for generations. A personal favorite and birthstone of our designer Brooke, the deep green color of this stone is bold, fierce and rich. Most popular accented with yellow gold, green emerald is easy to incorporate into your jewelry collection. Our Heart Shape Emerald Solitaire Ring is the perfect gift for the May baby in your life. All about love, the 1.30ct heart shape green emerald May birthstone is set in a 14k solid gold band of your color choice with .15ct white diamonds on the band.

        Heart Shape Diamond Emerald Ring

        Another unique gift is our Emerald Evil Eye Protection Diamond Necklace accented with beautiful diamond baguettes. Featuring a .08ct green emerald stone as the center eye and surrounded by white diamonds, this evil eye protection necklace is a standout piece. Layered or worn on its own, the sparkle, shine and design on this magnificent necklace is eye-catching and special.

        Emerald Evil Eye Protection Diamond Necklace

        Mother's Day

        Mother's Day

        “There’s always a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.” - Mitch Albom

        Diamond Sweetheart Ring

        Creating a Mother’s Day collection was an inspiring and loving journey. As jewelry takes on the personality of the women who wears it, I wanted our Mother’s Day collection to reflect the everlasting love and strength our moms plant in us. A personal favorite, the Sweetheart Band Ring, represents a mom in any form she may be. Whether your biological mother or another female figure in your life, Mom represents one who loves and cherishes us eternally. With its connected everlasting heart design, the sweetheart ring represents the love of mom. Strong, connected and overflowing with love.

        MAMA Diamond Necklace

        Another new addition to our Mother’s Day collection is our MAMA Diamond Necklace. Set in 14k gold, this necklace features .15ct white diamonds set in block MAMA letters. Something mom will wear close to her heart every day!

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