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October Opals

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October Opals

Opal, with its unique blend of colors, the green and blue birthstone of October has been associated with love for generations.
Just like our Earth.
A beautiful blend of colors united in love.

Whether you are an October birthstone or just an opal lover, these 14k solid gold and 1.30ct green and blue Opal Diamond Oval Stud Earrings will be an amazing addition to your Brooke Rayn jewelry collection. Set in 14k gold with a row of genuine white diamonds surrounding the center stone, the unique blend of green and blue is an eye catching gemstone. Match your opal studs with our coordinating diamond opal rings and necklaces. Our Diamond Oval Opal Ring is easy to incorporate into your existing stack and also looks beautiful on its own. To complete your opal set, shop our Diamond Free Shape Opal Necklace or our Diamond Opal Oval Necklace. Both have endless layering options are are sure to keep your collection eye catching and unique. Shop our opal collection online at

Diamond Opal Oval Necklace
Opal Diamond Oval Stud Earrings
Diamond Oval Opal Ring