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        After much demand from friends and family to help design jewelry like her own personal collection, Brooke established herself as a private jeweler in Los Angeles, California. With over ten years of experience working as an independent jeweler, Brooke Rayn opened her online boutique to offer an all-inclusive, enjoyable shopping experience for her out-of-state clients.

        Inspired by the LA warmth and shine, Brooke created a fine jewelry line for the modern day fearless woman. When creating her collection, Brooke’s intention was to allow room for every woman’s creativity and personal style to shine through when layering and stacking her jewelry.

        With her ever-growing passion for fine jewelry and a natural eye for high-quality fashionable designs, Brooke curates each piece of her collection to ensure quality and up-to-date designs. 

        Brooke's pieces reflect her personal motto: Being Fiercely You. Own it. Love it. Express it. The Brooke Rayn collection is just that. An external expression of the internal feminine beauty. It represents a women who knows her worth and is unapologetically herself. She is the ultimate representation of a beautiful women. 


        "Every woman is her own designer, all she needs are the tools." - Brooke Rayn



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